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Searches for “Recession” and “Lost Job” shoot up on Google; highest in history.

Many are expecting the trend to continue rising.
Google Trends Recession Keywords News Asia Today

A recent Google Trends report has indicated that searches for the keyword “recession” have shot up to an all time high ever since the global health situation started.

The last time interest for the keyword rose to such highs was back during the 2008 recession, when many people were affected due to the subprime mortgage crisis.

Recession Keyword Trend Google News Asia Today
Keyword searches for the term “Recession” have shot up to an all time high since 2008.

What’s even more alarming is that searches for the terms “lost job” have shot up over double the highest point in history (since 2004) in just the past few weeks,

This indicates the worsening layoffs taking place globally as more and more companies begin retrenching staff as cost cutting measures.

Google Trends Job Loss Search Term News Asia Today
“Lost Job” searches have been 2x the previous high since 2004.

Although countries around the world have introduced stimulus packages to help curb their worsening economies, this may only serve as a short term measure to the bigger problems that lie ahead.

Irregardless of the outcome, people will be living very different lives in the months to come.

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