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GoLog, a company offering “cold” deliveries, now lets people own their franchise

Mykori, a popular Japanese dessert cafe from Malaysia is one of their earliest franchisees.
GoLog Mykori

The market for deliveries is getting bigger, especially with more people shopping online today.

GoLog, a company providing cold-chain delivery services (deliveries for cold items), now lets people tap on this market opportunity — allowing them to own their very own delivery service franchise.

How it Works

  • GoLog has just launched one of the first cold-chain logistics franchises in the market, allowing Malaysians to become a franchise owners of “Cold Hubs” — cold storage facilities to facilitate the delivery of cold items.
  • GoLog’s Cold Hubs franchise is only limited to 13 applicants for now (1 hub for each city in West Malaysia).
  • The cost to start a Cold Hub franchise is RM275,000, and includes 1.1% shareholding in GoLog’s parent company.
  • Franchise owners will receive 1 frozen 20-foot frozen container cold room (capable of fitting up to 1000 cold boxes), access to the GoLog dealer digital solution, and a store signboard.

Why It Matters

  • Cold chain deliveries is a massive market due to the rise of online shopping for food and cold items, while remains relatively untapped due to complexities (temperature, storage, delivery time, and more).
  • GoLog’s franchise allows individuals to easily generate recurring income by piggy-backing on top of GoLog’s existing delivery services, while leveraging on the growing cold-chain logistics industry.
  • Response to take up GoLog’s Cold Hubs franchise so far has been positive, with one of the latest franchisees being Mykori Dessert Cafe — arguably the most popular shaved ice dessert cafes in Malaysia (with over 105 outlets).
  • Mykori’s investment in both GoLog’s franchise and digital platform allows the company to both increase efficiency and lower logistics costs for raw their materials delivery

Jia Suriyanto
Indonesian Journalist at News Asia Today. I cover the latest news and stories on Indonesia, particularly on business.