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German Olympics coach punches horse that refused to jump; gets disqualified

German Olympics horse-rider Annika Schleu finished 31st place in the competition despite starting out well.
Olympics Horse Punch

German Olympics horse-rider, Annika Schleu, and her coach, Kim Raisner, are going viral on social media — and it’s because of a horse.

The two were seen punching a horse during the Tokyo Olympics on 6th August, right after Schleu was disqualified from one of the competitions because her horse refused to jump.

According to NPR news site, Schleu had a good start during the competition, but ended up dead-last when her horse, Saint Boy, just refused to follow her commands.

She finished 31st place in the competition, and was seen crying while riding her horse.

Not only were netizens outraged by their acts of “animal abuse”, coach Raisner was disqualified by the Modern Pentathlon Federation (UIPM) as a result of her actions.