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Expats from Hong Kong are moving out at a quicker rate than ever

A rise in move from Hong Kong to Singapore, is noted as well as others are relocating to Britain, Australia and Canada
Expats from Hong Kong are moving out at a quicker rate than ever 31

Anne, a British National, is planning on leaving Hong Kong, a place she calls home where she has spent the last seven years.

Even though her family loves Hong Kong for its scenic views, Anne is opting to exchange that for Singapore’s metropolitan landscape. 

The move is caused by the on-going pandemic which has made it mandatory to quarantine 21 days at a hotel for anyone returning to Hong Kong.

Anne (not her real name) has not seen her family in the United Kingdom for three years.

“We miss our families terribly”, Anne said, “but the three-week quarantine and the constant delay and cancellation of flights is too much.”

Anne admitted that the fear of contracting COVID-19 is affecting her mental health.

Hence, she plans to relocate to Singapore as early as April.

Citizens contracted with the virus in Hong Kong are admitted to the hospital for at least 10 days.

The process continues with the patients being required to be isolated further in government facilities for 14 days even after testing negative twice.

The government has announced that it will impose a two-week ban on flights from eight countries that include United States and United Kingdom to stop the spread of imported Omicron cases.

Besides that, dining in restaurants after 6pm is also forbidden and entertainment facilities will be closed for two weeks.

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