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Malaysia’s eCurve Shopping Mall is closing down on 31st March 2021

eCurve shopping mall has been around since 2005.
eCurve Mall Closing Down

The global pandemic continues to affect retail across the world, and malls have been one of the worst ones hit.

eCurve, a popular mall located in Petaling Jaya (PJ), Malaysia (next to The Curve), will be closing down effective 31st March 2021.

The news was reported by several of eCurve mall tenants, who posted it on their social media pages.

eCurve has been in operations since 2005, and was one of the most popular hangout spots for residents within the area.

Currently there is still no official announcement on eCurve’s closure by the company, but many speculate that the mall could be taken over by a new management and rebranded.

However as of now, it looks like all tenants of the mall have been forced to relocate or close their doors too.