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Dino Kelulut is using honey to fight the pandemic; launches superfood to strengthen immune system

The founder hopes that consumers can get the best out of both worlds
Dino Kelulut immune system News Asia Today

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Dino Kelulut, a Malaysian company specializing in producing stingless bee honey products, is on a mission to help people strengthen their immune systems to stay safe from the global pandemic.

The company recently announced that it has launched a new superfood and energy booster product The Honey and Bird’s Nest Mix, a pack of 15 sachets containing a high concentrate of birds nest, stingless bee honey, and mixed-fruits extract.

Aimed at being an “affordable health-pack for busy people”, Honey and Bird’s Nest Mix contains lots of vitamins and beneficial health properties capable of regulating blood sugar, boosting the immune system, reducing the risk of heart disease, and even maintain clearer and tighter skin.

Dino Kelulut The Honey and Bird's Nest Mix
Dino Kelulut’s Honey and Bird’s Nest Mix.

Since 2016, Stingless bee honey has been recognized by the Malaysian government as a superfood due to its health benefits and medicinal properties.

In fact, the stingless bee honey industry has been growing steadily by over 7.6% year-on-year and is expected to become a $3 billion industry by 2025 due to rising demand attributed to the global pandemic.

Despite increasing demand, supply for the honey (and its downstream products) are still hugely limited, and only supplied by few players, Dino Kelulut being one of them.

Dino Kelulut is using honey to fight the pandemic; launches superfood to strengthen immune system 31
Dino Kelulut founder, Dino Malik, with a stingless bee hive.

Since it’s launch 5-years ago, Dino Kelulut has continuously grown by over 5x year-on-year, with thousands of regular customers buying their products from all over the world.

When asked about his reason for starting the venture, founder Dino Malik mentions that losing a loved one to cancer motivated him to start a health-based-business that could help people lead healthier lives.

With the introduction of Honey And Bird’s Nest Mix, Dino hopes that his company’s product(s) will play a part in helping people stay safe against the global pandemic.

Dino Kelulut’s Honey and Bird’s Nest Mix can be purchased directly from the company’s official website here.

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