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CookX Asia; Inspired by Malaysia’s delicious food

CookX Asia allows creator-partners to share recipes, create instructional videos, increase their popularity, and even earn money
CookX Asia; Inspired by Malaysia's delicious food 31

Wong Yew Mun was inspired by Malaysia’s numerous tasty meals to create CookX Asia.

It is a new app for any aspiring chef or seasoned home cook who wished to exchange recipes or sell prepared dishes.

From stay-at-home moms to aspiring professional chefs and all in between, Malaysia is home to a plethora of great culinary maestros. We aim to equip all of them with a platform that will empower them throughout their culinary journey – first by creating a location where they can showcase their delectable dishes, and then by constructing an ecosystem that will help them monetize their skills.

Wong Yew Mun

As the platform aims to empower budding cooks not only to share but also to monetise and earn from their passions and talents.

Once the creator-partners have built a library of tantalizing recipes and a loyal following, the platform will assist these creator-partners to upgrade with integrated e-commerce, logistics, and delivery functionalities assistance.

CookX Asia; Inspired by Malaysia's delicious food 32
User friendly: Each recipe features vibrant images with detailed step-by-step instructions.

On the app, creator-partners can either sell dishes as pre-order ready-made meals or sell eco-packs, which are pre-measured ingredient packets based on specific recipes, to focus on just the items that are included in their recipes.

The CookX Asia app has no setup fees and requires only a few minutes to register, allowing creator-partners to get their profiles up and running in three to five days.

In preparation for its official launch in May, the brand new app is trying to expand its base of cooks and chefs. CookX Asia has announced a slew of features, services, and perks aimed squarely at the creator-partners, as they are referred to on the platform.

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