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Cases in Philippines continue rising; now highest in SouthEast Asia.

Close to 140k confirmed cases, and its highest single-day spike.
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The pandemic situation in the Philippines continues to worsen each day at an exponential rate.

As of today, the country has reported close to 140k confirmed COVID-19 cases, the highest number for any SouthEast Asian country.

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Just yesterday, Philippines also reported a spike of 6725 new cases, its highest number of new cases in a single day.

Cases in Philippines continue rising; now highest in SouthEast Asia. 31

To curb the infection spread, the government has re-imposed a second lockdown on its capital and nearby areas, despite the country suffering one of its worst economic contractions.

According to Anthony Leachon, an internist at the Manila Doctors Hospital, he mentions that this outcome was likely caused due to lock-down restrictions being removed too soon without ensuring that local officials could trace and treat the infections.

“When we realised it, the cases were too enormous for us to control and at a time when we are short on budget… Problems with hospitals’ capacity to accept patients were also recognised too late”.

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