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Bing mistakenly claims Prince Philip Is Dead; news goes viral

Prince Philip recently went through treatment for a pre-existing heart condition.
Bing Prince Philip

Bing, one of the most popular search engines in the world, recently made a serious mistake.

In a report by Metro UK, the web search engine owned by Microsoft had mistakenly claimed that the Prince of Edinburgh (or Prince Philip) had passed away in a hospital.

Like Google, an “info box” containing updated information (usually from Wikipedia) will show up on the top of the search engine’s first page when one keys in a search query.

However, in a recent event on Bing, when one enters the keywords “Prince Philip”, the info box claims that he was pronounced dead at the King Edward VII Hospital.

Bing mistakenly claims Prince Philip Is Dead; news goes viral 31
Tom Warren shared a screenshot of Bing where an info box claims Prince Philip is dead.

Just last Wednesday, Prince Philip, now 99-years old, had undergone a pre-existing heart condition procedure, and was seeking treatment at King Edward VII’s Hospital.

Due to limited information being released, this could have led to people assuming he was dead, and subsequently updating Wikipedia with inaccurate information — which Bing relies on.