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Love reading the news? These are the best news apps to save time staying informed

Best News Apps to Save Time and Stay Informed

There’s so much news out there, making sense of everything can be a very tedious and challenging process.

While there are many trusted news publishers in the market, it is impossible for one publisher to cover everything from A to Z. At the same time, we often prefer a broader perspective from multiple news sources.

This is where news aggregator apps come in to play — by becoming THE home for ALL your news. To date, hundreds of news reading apps have been created, but not all of them are the same.

Below are a list of the best news apps we’ve come across, and why they could add tremendous value for our lives:

SendStory News

SendStory is one of the simplest news apps out there, and probably the easiest to use as well. What makes the app extremely unique is that it summarizes news into 3 simple sentences using artificial intelligence, making reading super fast.

The best part about SendStory is that there’s no set up or configuration needed unlike many other news aggregators in the market. Simply download and start reading right away — the app automatically knows where you are, and recommends high quality local and international news stories to you.


Similar to SendStory, BEAMSTART is also a news app that makes reading extremely simple and fast by summarizing news into 3 simple sentences.

The main difference from SendStory is that BEAMSTART is focused primarily on business and finance related news. The app automatically curates the latest local and international news on various topics ranging from entrepreneurship, investing, technology, economy, and lots more. In other words — it’s THE app for entrepreneurs and investors out there.


Flipboard is founded on the concept of producing a digital newspaper selected by you, with content gathered from your favorite news organizations, blogs, and any other site you may plug into Flipboard. It’s close to being an RSS reader, but it’s more of a news app, thus it cut. Flipboard allows you to be as wide or as specialized as you want: steer it toward a broad topic including innovation or productivity, or choose a single site to follow up with, and Flipboard smoothly blends all this.

Yahoo News    

Yahoo News is rather good. We enjoyed how the bursts of yellow and purple lend a bit more flair to the platform. But it’s not only about appearances. Unlike other applications, Yahoo News arranges your newsfeed so that you view related stories together before moving to the next topic. This made the reading experience less unpleasant overall. The app does enable adverts to appear as you go through your feed and stories, but because all of the features are free to use, I wouldn’t consider this a big deal.

Ground News

Ground News’s design is a little dull, but the app more than compensates for it in other aspects. A paragraph-long description called Ground Summary appears at the beginning of each article. It provides you with somewhat additional knowledge than a title before selecting whether or not to read a piece. Ground News takes pride in delivering a diverse spectrum of viewpoints, as seen by our Across the Frequency range as well as Truthfulness segments.


Each story on NewsBreak has a thumbs-up function and a comment box. Individuals can get pretty, hmm, passionate in the comment thread of some stories, as you might expect. But it’s largely respectful, so if you prefer having heated debates about current events, you’ll probably appreciate this feature.

Google News

We all understand that Google specializes in appearances, and the current design of the Google News app undoubtedly contributes to a more delightful news-reading experience. It’s also been newly renovated, so you understand they’re working hard to keep it current. I appreciated the Full Coverage screens, which are accessible on larger stories: they include a variety of sources on a breaking topic, as well as important tweets and photos, in addition to a chronology indicating how events have progressed. When commenting on an article, just click the complete coverage symbol to get additional information on that subject. This made it simple and quick to find comparable tales without going out of their way to hunt for them.

Apple News    

Apple News is not the most popular app on this ranking, but it receives half a point for its accessibility to Apple device owners. The app is pre-installed on smartphones, and you can tell Siri to propose tales based on the applications you’ve seen employing and the websites you’ve been reading in Safari. Because many items on the app aren’t accessible to non-subscribers, I’d suggest Apple News is highly recommendable with the expensive $9.99/month subscription. Apple doesn’t stop back when it comes to promoting the free trial and premium plan to consumers, which many people dislike, but I believe the price is warranted.


News360 seems to be another aggregated app that displays news from a variety of sources on a variety of themes. The app offers over 1 million subjects, making it ideal for individuals with specific interests. While this may be taxing for some, News360 has a devoted following among news addicts.


SmartNews is a popular news app for both iOS and Android smartphones. Its user-friendly and straightforward design enhances functionality, and it, like other effective organizers, does an excellent job of delivering material depending on a user’s preceding stage.


Digg provides useful analyses of news items, assisting busy professionals in staying informed. Digg’s editors’ careful selection allows users to “dig” deeper than the headlines to uncover useful content worth reading. Effortless storing and sharing capabilities. Numerous choices for customizing the User Experience (UX)