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BEAMSTART’s community rises in popularity as the pandemic affects jobs and businesses.

Since nationwide shut-downs were announced, the app has seen a significant rise of new users.
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As the pandemic affects people from all walks of life, BEAMSTART, an online community for business owners and professionals, has shot up in popularity as a place for people to find jobs, clients, and funding.

Initially starting out as a small gathering of business owners back in 2016, BEAMSTART has quickly evolved into a global community platform comprising of a vast number of entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate professionals.

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Members can easily connect with millions of other professionals globally.

Membership to the community is not free of charge, but it is not expensive either. While it costs slightly under $10 a month (under $0.30/day), the value BEAMSTART potentially brings could be tremendous for one’s business or professional career.

Upon registering as a member, users will have access to BEAMSTART’s dedicated members-only app and website. Over there, they can easily connect with other members, post up jobs/advertisements, form new partnerships, and lots more.

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Members can easily discover and post up opportunities instantly.

On top of that, members can also easily create a professional profile, providing more information about what they’re looking for, their industry/background, and the services they offer — making it a great place to build professional relationships and discover new opportunities.

In fact, BEAMSTART has gone the extra mile to set up a dedicated team that makes introductions to members within the community. Members simply need to tap a button and an introduction will be made instantly, saving an enormous amount of time getting connected to potential clients or employers.

BEAMSTART's community rises in popularity as the pandemic affects jobs and businesses. 25
Getting introduced within the community in a tap.

Since nationwide shut-downs were announced, BEAMSTART has seen a significant rise of new signups, notably business owners and independent contractors (freelancers).

Moving forward, the company will focus on developing more tools to improve the safety and effectiveness for business transactions within the platform, as well as publishing educational content to up-skill professionals in this new post-pandemic world we live in.

“This is the new normal, and for many, a new beginning. While we understand many have been severely impacted by the pandemic, we want to bring hope to people out there — providing a platform where opportunities are abundant for all.”, mentioned Kenneth Ho, CEO of BEAMSTART.

For more information, please visit BEAMSTART official page.

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