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Authorities warn youngsters on social media’s swim fests during flood situation in Johor

Johor rivers have already gone beyond safe levels
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Johor Bahru: On Tuesday, heavy rain leading to the occurrence of flood and intermittent down power in Johor state impacted approximately 5,000 residents.

According to State Health and Environment Committee chairman R Vidyananthan, three rivers in Johor – Sungai Segamat, Sungai Muar, and Sungai Tangkak – have already gone beyond safe levels.

State governments, government departments, and organizations, as well as professionals in relevant sectors, are anticipated to participate in the National Disaster Management Committee to seek a long-term solution to the flood impacting a huge number of citizens.

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Rashidi Md Yunos, the head of Zone 4 of the Johor Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM), mentioned that some people especially the youngsters diverted by social media are taking the floods lightly and using it as an entertainment purpose for the sake of views that may put their life at risk.

The safety factor is being overlooked which particularly includes not wearing PPE or safety jackets or parents letting their young children play in rain.

Residents in flood-affected regions should avoid risking their lives by battling the floods since the level of water and severity of currents during floods are unpredictable and endanger lives.

Citizens must be “conscious about the situation” as in the event of a flood, it is uncertain that the flood depth could be one metre or more than ten meters, Rashidi added.

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