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Apple ditches butterfly keyboard in new Macbook Pro

They have reverted back to the scissor-switch-based Magic Keyboard.
Apple New Macbook Pro Keyboard News Asia Today

Apple announced a new refresh for the Macbook Pro lineup earlier today, featuring faster processors, better graphics, and more storage.

What’s unique about this new release is that Apple has finally decided to stop using the butterfly keyboard, a controversial keyboard design that was plagued with hardware failures in previous models.

The new lineup will instead revert back to the scissor-switch-based keyboard, the same design used in Apple’s Magic Keyboards.

New Macbook Pro Retained Touchbar News Asia Today
The new Macbook retains the touch bar, but replaces the keyboard design.

After five years of attempting to fix numerous problems with the butterfly keyboard, Apple has finally conceded and ported their entire laptop line to the scissor-switch-based Magic Keyboard in a span of six months.

Apple is expected to host the annual Worldwide Developer Conference this June this year.

Jia Suriyanto
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