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Apple AppStore Rules Revised

To cater to the evolving technological changes.
AppStore guidelines News Asia Today

Apple will release an updated guidelines to the AppStore to clarify its approaches to different paradigm of technologies such as game streaming services, App Clips, widgets, etc.

The revised guidelines (2.5.16) cover new iOS features, focusing on App Clips, widgets, extensions and notifications. The new guidelines would require content in all of those formats be related to the content and functionality of the main app and not just random additional features. Additionally, they have to be included in the main executable file and advertising cannot be included.

Another key aspect in the new guidelines is that Apple will now allow game streaming apps like Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia to operate on its AppStore, but individual game title offered by the service has to be submitted individually to its App Review and has its own AppStore listing.

The updated guidelines stretches beyond game streaming, in the likes of Kindle and Netflix for example, where the “reader” apps — users create an account and pay elsewhere, will also offer account creation within iOS, for the free tier of the product.

Not only that, Apple is also allowing developers to offer free standalone apps that offer services like VOIP calling, storage, or email. These apps don’t support in-app purchases and hence no Apple fees — there has to be no purchases within the app and no calls to action elsewhere.

These are just some of the changes to the new Apple AppStore guidelines. To read more, click here.

Joe Ramsay
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