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App for people to post their skills and get hired rises in popularity.

Fewer jobs in the marketplace as employers look at cutting costs.
BEAMSTART App Remote Work Match Employers News Asia Today

As the pandemic wipes out jobs across the world, many people have resorted to finding work online.

One particular app, BEAMSTART has rose to popularity as a place for job seekers to post their skills to get hired remotely.

BEAMSTART, which works as an instant messaging and professional networking app, is focused on speeding up the process of matching skilled professionals with business owners online.

Post up skills get hired News Asia Today BEAMSTART
Job seekers can easily post up their skills and get hired quickly, remotely.

Upon signing up, users (job seekers & freelancers) can easily create a profile and specify the type of services they offer, along with more information about their background.

They can also easily post up a request to be hired on the homepage of the app, which is visible to a vast community of employers worldwide.

BEAMSTART Search Find Graphic Remote Talent News Asia Today
BEAMSTART consists of a huge directory of people to connect with.

Employers / business owners on the other hand, can easily filter through a huge database of professionals/job seekers in just a few taps.

The app also uses artificial intelligence to send smart recommendations of potential connections and opportunities, saving users an enormous amount of time searching and connecting with each other.

Every user is verified prior to entering the app to ensure safety and authenticity within the community.

Automated Notification Remote Talent BEAMSTART News Asia Today
Notifications are automatically sent intelligently when new opportunities are found, saving lots of time for job seekers as well as employers.

According to Wallace Ho, COO of the company, thousands of contractors and employers are signing up daily, with the numbers rising each day.

He believes that the future of work will very likely be remote, considering many traditional businesses have accepted the reality that the pandemic may be here to stay.

We’re living in unprecedented times, and things aren’t looking good with the economy right now with nations closing borders and shutting off global trade.

Many businesses will be taking precautionary measures to reduce operating costs, and many more people could potentially be laid off. The effects are devastating.

With BEAMSTART, we hope to play a small part in connecting people to opportunities, and hopefully allow more people to find meaningful work remotely.

Find out more about BEAMSTART here.

Jia Suriyanto
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