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Hacktivist group Anonymous launches cyberattacks on Russia

The hacktivist group specifically targeted Russia-based media companies
Hacktivist group Anonymous launches cyberattacks on Russia 31

Anonymous, the hacktivist group had recently started their online cyberattacks operations on Russia, as announced on their Twitter page.

Anonymous group Tweet

Background of Anonymous

  • First appeared on 4chan imageboard website in 2003, according to sources
  • Opposes Internet censorship and control as their main agenda of their operations
  • Their main targets mostly involve governments, organizations, and corporations with allegations of online censorship
  • One of their past operations includes a cyberattack on Tunisia where they have launched a DDos attack to crash their government website
Hacktivist group Anonymous launches cyberattacks on Russia 32
Anonymous Tunisia operations

Their recent online cyberattack operations on Russia include:

  • Russian Government website which has been taken down
  • Configuring the maritime traffic data of “Graceful”, President Putin’s $97 million luxury yacht
  • Russian state media channels like TASS and RIA Novosti

If you don’t know how to help out, start by exposing and reporting Russian disinformation, it’s an important job during these times.

a retweet by Anonymous hactivist group

While the actions by the Anonymous hacktivist group may seem unnecessary and unethical, one thing that we can all agree on is to pray for the safety of innocent civilians caught in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

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