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Andy Lau postpones concerts across Asia.

Andy Lau isn't the only singer to have concerts postponed this year.
Andy Lau postpones concerts across Asia. 25

Andy Lau, the prominent Hong Kong actor and singer, is not having a good start for 2020.

Due to poor response from the crowd, his team has been forced to cancel 12 concerts in Hong Kong this month, followed by nine more across China.

Andy Lau postpones concerts across Asia. 26
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His concerts, My Love Andy Lau World Tour, were originally scheduled to be staged in Shanghai from March 18 to 20, Guangzhou from April 2 to 4 and Beijing from May 1 to 3. It’s still uncertain if he will go ahead with his concerts in Taipei in late May.

This has affected his filming activities as well.

Aside from Andy Lau, Jay Chou has also postponed his concerts across Asia.

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