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American students throw “COVID Parties” with prizes when someone gets infected.

This is a whole different level.
Alabama Parties News Asia Today

The pandemic in America continues to worsen everyday, and some are continuing to make the situation worse.

In the state of Alabama, several group of youngsters have been throwing “COVID parties”, a competition where the first person who gets infected after the party receives a prize.

These disturbing new parties are being held in the city of Tuscaloosa, where infected people are encouraged to attend them so others can intentionally contract the virus.

The news first broke when city council member, Sonya McKinstry, made a statement to CNN.

According to her, there could be many more of these parties being held without the knowledge of health officials.

“We thought that was kind of a rumor at first. We did some research, not only do the doctors’ offices confirm it, but the state confirmed they also had the same information,” mentioned city council member, Sonya McKinstry. 

Officials in the country are currently investigating the situation.

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