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App that helps people make better investments rises to popularity in Asia.

Elevating the quality of peoples lives.
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Since the start of the pandemic, more and more people have started exploring new ways to diversify their wealth/investments.

BigBrainBank, a technology company focused on helping ordinary people make better investment decisions, has recently launched an app aimed at making investing simpler for nearly anybody.

The app, also known as TheBrain, helps people achieve an average of 65% accuracy when investing in currency and commodities markets, by leveraging on the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

App that helps people make better investments rises to popularity in Asia. 31
The app provides Trade Ideas to user based on historical data that has more than 65% accuracy

TheBrain is developed using a wide range of machine learning, big data, and AI technologies. It then utilizes deep learning mathematical algorithms to provide simple and smart trade suggestions for users.

One of its most notable features is its trade ideas guide, a feature that notifies users on “what to trade” and “when to trade” based on historical data that has a very high success rate.

TheBrain also comes with a wide range of tools to make investing easier, ranging from risk level management, news filters, backtesting/market analysis, social media sentiments, and more.

The ultimate goal is to help ordinary people to make investments with minimal technical or financial knowledge, all from the palm of their hands.

Since the launch in July 2020, TheBrain has garnered over 60,000 trial users who registered over the app stores and website. While the platform is designed on a freemium basis, the company charges an annual subscription of US$300 for more advanced features.

The company has also recently raised a USD 7-figure funding round from angel investors to make its services accessible to more people worldwide.

Moving forward, BigBrainBank aims to help 100,000 people across Asia turn complicated trading activities into seamless and profitable experiences.

“Our goal is to raise the standard of peoples living through financial tools and education. We believe TheBrain will not only allow people to make better investment decisions, it’ll also allow them to gain all the necessary support they need”, mentioned Brendon Yong, founder of BigBrainBank.

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