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5 levels of Swifties: thirteen signs that you are a fan

5 levels of Swifties: thirteen signs that you are a fan 31

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful artists of our time, and her fan base, known as Swifties, is just as impressive. From her catchy tunes to her relatable lyrics, Taylor has a way of capturing her audience’s hearts. Are you a Swiftie? Here are ten signs that you are a fan of Taylor Swift at different levels, with level 5 being the most hardcore.

5 levels of Swifties: thirteen signs that you are a fan 32
Christopher Polk for PMC

Level 1: Casual Swiftie

  1. You know Taylor’s popular songs:

If you can sing along to “Shake It Off,” “Love Story,” or “Bad Blood,” you’re a casual fan. You may not know all of Taylor’s deep cuts, but you still enjoy her popular hits.

  1. You’ve seen Taylor on TV:

If you’ve seen Taylor perform on an award show, late-night talk show, or even in a movie or TV show, you’re a casual fan. You may not have attended her concerts, but you still appreciate her talent.

  1. You’ve followed Taylor on social media:

If you follow Taylor on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you’re a casual fan. You enjoy seeing her posts and keeping up with her life, but you may not engage with her content as much as other fans.

Level 2: Dedicated Swiftie

  1. You’ve bought Taylor’s albums:

If you own physical copies of Taylor’s albums or have downloaded them on your phone, you’re a dedicated fan. You enjoy listening to her music and supporting her as an artist.

  1. You’ve attended a Taylor Swift concert:

If you’ve attended one of Taylor’s concerts, you’re a dedicated fan. You’ve experienced her amazing performances, and you may have even bought some of her merchandise.

  1. You know Taylor’s backstory:

If you’re familiar with Taylor’s journey to fame and some of the ups and downs in her personal life, you’re a dedicated fan. You appreciate her authenticity and admire her resilience.

Level 3: Super Swiftie

  1. You’ve watched Taylor’s music videos:

If you’ve watched all of Taylor’s music videos and appreciate the visuals and storytelling in each one, you’re a super fan. You may have even tried to recreate some of the looks from her videos.

  1. You’ve participated in Taylor’s challenges:

If you’ve participated in some of Taylor’s social media challenges or contests, you’re a super fan. You enjoy engaging with her content and showing your support for her.

  1. You’ve seen Taylor on tour:

If you’ve seen Taylor on multiple tours or have traveled to different cities to see her perform, you’re a super fan. You’re willing to invest time and money to see your favorite artist live.

Level 4: Mega Swiftie

  1. You’ve met Taylor Swift:

If you’ve had the opportunity to meet Taylor in person, you’re a mega fan. You may have attended a meet and greet or won a contest to hang out with her. Meeting your idol is a dream come true for any fan.

Level 5: Ultimate Swiftie

  1. You know all of Taylor’s lyrics:

If you can recite all of Taylor’s lyrics from memory, including her unreleased songs, you’re an ultimate fan. You have a deep appreciation for her songwriting and storytelling.

  1. You’ve defended Taylor on social media:

If you’ve defended Taylor against criticism or negative comments on social media, you’re an ultimate fan. You’re willing to stand up for your favorite artist and support her no matter what.

  1. You’ve created Taylor Swift fan art:

If you’ve created fan art, fanfiction, or even your own Taylor Swift fan account, you’re an ultimate fan. You enjoy expressing your creativity and sharing