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5 Lesser-Known Malaysian Startups

5 Lesser-Known Malaysian Startups 31

The Malaysian startup ecosystem has grown rapidly. Let’s explore some startups in the country who have been through international pitch competitions even though they are not yet widely known.


5 Lesser-Known Malaysian Startups 32
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Favoriot offers IoT solutions by providing companies with an IoT platform, tools and services. The startup helps IoT developers with new and innovative IoT solutions.


HostAStay helps the property owners in converting their vacant properties into income-generating assets by letting them provide hassle-free homestay experiences for guests.


LeadinHealth helps corporate employees track and improve their health. By using Walnut Wellness app,  the corporates can save money on healthcare claims cost and improve employee productivity.


5 Lesser-Known Malaysian Startups 33
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Senang offers insurance to low and middle-income Malaysians who operate micro-enterprises. with Senang’s API technology, the insurance can be issued immediately and on-the-go.


Softinn offers e-commerce solutions and property management systems for boutique hotels. In 2017, the startup won the Startup of the Year award at WIT Startup Pitch in Tokyo.

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