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5 cool gadgets you’ll find only at Global Sources

Some seem silly, but they're also practical
5 cool gadgets you'll find only at Global Sources 31

Global Sources will be taking place in Hong Kong this coming April 2020.

With its mecca of cool and innovative products, the show is one of Asia’s largest consumer electronics conferences. 

It’s also a great place for buyers and retailers to source products. 

Read on for a list of fun and unusual gadgets, some of which are even quite practical:

#1 This wireless charging pad that also heats up your coffee

5 cool gadgets you'll find only at Global Sources 32

Trangjan is showing off a “do-it-all” smart wireless charger with a heating function.

Not only does this fast wireless charger charge your phone at up to 10W, but it’s also able to charge your cuppa at up to 55 degrees celsius. 

Sound a bit dangerous? The company says that the product offers “short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, over-power protection, and temperature protection.

#2 Sogou Smart Recording Pen C1 for text to speech conversion

5 cool gadgets you'll find only at Global Sources 33

This petite clip-on gadget is able to record text and then convert it to speech. More specifically, it records in HD audio. 

And despite its small size, it will last up to 20 days on a charge, or for 960 minutes of continuous recording. 

Recordings are automatically backed up to the cloud where Sogou provides users with 100 hours of storage space. Sogou claims that the accuracy rate for voice to text on the device is 95%.

#3 Tapjoy RS-1 dancing robot and Bluetooth speaker

5 cool gadgets you'll find only at Global Sources 34

Tapjoy’s RS-1 isn’t the only adorable robot we spotted at Global Sources, we also ran into the LOVOT, that said, this is the robot that danced the best. 

To that effect, this adorable robot lives to dance, which is understandable since he also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

If you want to get in on the action, you can control his moves using an app.

#4 Timer USB Cable

5 cool gadgets you'll find only at Global Sources 35

If there ever was a cable worth lusting after, this one is it. 

The Timer USB Cable from Old Shark is able to automatically stop charging according to your setting. 

This is good news for your electricity bill and your device’s health. The cable itself contains a convenient display for the countdown time.

#5 Vago

5 cool gadgets you'll find only at Global Sources 36

Travelers often encounter the frustration of not being able to fit all their clothing into their luggage. 

Vago is a small device that solves this problem. It’s a “travel bag compressor” that essentially shrinks/vacuums down all your clothing into a more compact size. 

The company says that the device is able to shrink your clothing down by up to 50%. 

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