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30 year old American dies after attending “COVID Party”

Many of these parties are still being held in the US.
American 30 year old dies "COVID Party" News Asia Today

A 30-year old American man has died after attending a “COVID Party” hosted by an infected individual.

The man, who comes from Texas, thought the virus was a “joke”, and attended the party to have a good time with his friends.

However, he later regretted his decision of going to the party after contracting the virus, whose condition worsened severely after.

“Someone will be diagnosed with the disease, and they’ll have a party to invite their friends over to see if they can beat the disease”, mentioned Dr. Jane Appleby, chief medical officer at the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio.

Many private parties are still going on in the US.
Group of modern young people dancing under confetti at private house party lit by blue light

People around the world have been outraged after finding out about these “COVID Parties”, stating that the organizers were “taking the situation too lightly“.

As of today, over 3.37 million people have been infected in the US, peaking at over 70,000 new cases daily.

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